Akaiko's Art

Commissions 2021


Price List

Flat8 $9 $11 $20 $
Shaded10 $11 $18 $30 $
NSFW-[ask][ask]+ 6 $

[if you are interested in something out of price list please contact me]

Terms Of Service

-You must be over 13 to commission me and 18 for NSFW
-I accept full payment after finishing lineart
-After you accept lineart i'm not going to do any free changes to it
-Prices are negotiable
-Tips are welcome :)
-Paypal only for foreign customers
-BLIK/Paypal/Bank Transfer for Polish customers
-The customer is covering the paypal fee!


-It may take up for one month to finish the art
-Usually it takes about one to two weeks, and i will let you know if something comes up
-I keep you informed about every step in my art
-Only after you accept the stage i'm on i will move forward with my work
-Don't be scared to ask for wips
-Contact me if something is bothering you
-I don't refund anything after finishing lineart
-If you decide to cancel the commission i have full authority to reuse the art [e.g. ych]
-Please contact me if you have more questions

Customer Rights

-You don't pay for the rights of art I draw, but for the service
-Art I made is only for your personal use
[you can print it, use as profile picture/avatar, use it for social media etc.]
-If you want commercial use rights price will go up!
-Artwork can be reposted only if proper credit is given

Keep In Mind

-I work with non-shaded references
-If you would provide me with description only the price might change depends on complexity
-I don't work with deadlines
-When commissiong me, please keep in mind I will post work on my social media.
-I have right to decline commission without giving you the reason

If you send me payment I will consider you aware and agreeing to these Terms of Service

contact me here

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